What Shows Are You Missing?

November 1, 2009 at 9:54 am Leave a comment

What dead shows are you missing?

Personally the US 2008-2009 killed off a lot of good shows, so lets remember them:


Pushing Daisies was for sure one of the best TV shows ever made, its visually beautiful sets,  magnificant writing and brilliant originality made it stand out not from just the 2007-08, or 2008-09 seasons but from everything TV has ever had to other. This is a show that should be held up with the best shows like ‘The Wire’, ‘The Sorpranos’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘South Park’. It is definetly one of the saddest deaths (at least for me and any other PD fans) of TV EVER!


Dirty Sexy Money was definetly a big favourite of mine, just because of its fun and great writing (and acting). The show didn’t take itself too seriously or too comically it was a great series and will be sorely missed. 😦

So what other shows are there from the 2008-09 graveyard that you’ll miss?

E.R. (the most memoriable medical drama that maintained quality for 15 years), or another classic Boston Legal? Possibly King Of The Hill which only really died because of producer fatigue. Or new shows that no other american veiwer seemed to get:

Sit Down, Shut Up! or even The Unusuals, possibly a highly critically praised mini-series that never got to shine like Kings or Harper’s Island. Or summer shows that never truely got to show they greatness, The Good Family, The Philanphropist . There are so many more out there, so state your pick, give a shout out to a show you feel needs to be remembered!


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