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MTV to make a US Version of ‘SKINS’


MTV has announced plans to develope a US version of Skins, which seems to already have seen bad responses from fans of Skins on both sides of the atlantic. It seems the one main problem with many fans seems to be that the show will not retain its rude nature (which fans seem to enjoy) that it has in the UK due to restrictions on what MTV can show without being attacked by the FCC.


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BBC Three Commisions new Lesbian Drama: ‘Lip Service’


BBC Three has comissioned a new series ‘Lip Service’ (created by Harriet Braun – the creator of ‘Mistresses’). It will follow young (of course) 20’s woman through their sex lives and love affairs (sounds familiar – The L Word).

Though the creator Harriet Braun did say: ‘I loved The L Word but it’s high time we saw some contemporary British lesbians, with all the bad weather, trips to the pub and repressed emotions that go with that.’

Sadly Harriet, I feel that I’m tired of shows that are about slobbish people – thats not british! High contemporary woman in the US aren’t that different than those in the UK – despite what legends say the UK has some awesome scenes – very…high class and superb archeiture (NOT A SWAMP). Though personally a look a lesbians from all ages would be good, i.e a woman who is 60 and becomes a lesbian theres a lot more to tell there than about ‘scandalous’ affairs.

Oddly enough ‘Mistresses’ reminded me of ‘Sex And the City’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’, now ‘Lip Service’ reminds me of ‘The L Word’. Harriet Bruan is so original (why not just make a UK Desperate Housewives?).

Oh well theres my rant.

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ITV to Launch ITV+1


ITV will launch a one-hour timeshift of its main ITV1 channel on October 1. The channel will run from 10:25 to 07:00 every day. GMTV’s (Good Morning Television) programming will not be avaible on ITV+1, also ITV+1 will not be aviable to Scotland, Northern Ireland or Channel Islands.

Well at I guess since expensive shows this year like ‘Demons’ and ‘Primeval’ have flopped in the ratings, ITV will need a couple more hundred thousands veiwers to help boost the channel’s profit margins (considering its not doing amazingly well with its drama which is subject to massive cuts currently – with its flagship programme ‘The Bill’ on the rating rocks as well). But for ITV the more the merrier.

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