Home Made Shows: Latest Seasonal Averages

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As asked for, here are the ratings for a few cult shows that have aired recently or in 2008 (i.e Doctor Who):

The No1 Ladies Detective Agency (BBC1) : 3.94   (million)

Sadly for The No1 Ladies Dectective Agency the show in my opinion was a bit of a ratings flop, the penulatmate episode braught in 2.96 million veiwers which for a BCC1 scripted show is a slap in the face. However in my opinion the show was renewed for two simple reasons:

1) The show was cheaper by the fact that it was made in Botswanna and the fact that HBO also co-paid for the show.

2) The BBC needs to show that it is committed to producing a wide arrange of shows that are not just commercially successful but help the smaller demand for shows that a small amount of people demand (as they should get to keep their show). – This is a bit like the BBC keeping a show because in a way its funded by the few that watch it.

Being Human (BBC3) : 0.93 (million)

Being Human is (apart from Family Guy or pre airings of Heroes) proberly the highest rated show on  BBC3, so it was no surprise that the show was renewed,  however as I’m sure BBC3 will be looking for shows that grow Being Human may need to push past the 1million bar in 2010 to remain part of the channel’s family.

Skins (E4) : 1.15 (million)

Skins is tricky as this season was broadcast on E4 not Channel 4 which means that the ratings will definetly go down, however the veiwership stayed just below the second series which means that the new third series (considering its moved to a much smaller channel with a smaller audience) did very well for the channel. Moreover I’d see Skins as the signature almost show for E4 generally because it has allowed shows like ‘The Inbetweeners’ to become hits and E4 to commission new shows like ‘Misfits’.

Surivivors (BBC1) : 5.84 (million)

Personally I found that this felt like it was under-watched, the show was very good; the realism was superbly with all the shots of empty streets and CGI used over London was also well done. I just hope they keep it all in the second series. Considering the show aired near christmas where shows shouldn’t I guess it did okay but the show wasn’t exactly a massive hit, it finaled to 5.62 million veiwers (less than the average); so I do think if the show wants to surivive it will need to pull a new cadre of veiwers to be worth its big budget.

Merlin (BBC1) : 6.32 (million)

This must be one of the BBC’s favourites, although its not Doctor Who it did beat the latest series of Robin Hood massively and also got money by being braught by an american network (NBC). So I’m sure all of these including strong ratings (and reviews that said the show despite being bad did get better was it got going) all factored in to the shows renewal. I just wonder how the show will do with its second season premiere coming soon.

Doctor Who (2008) (BBC1) : 8.05 (million)

looking at Doctor Who ratings are indeed quite fun, generally because each series the show just gets bigger. I think the BBC must love the fact that Doctor Who merchandise are massive sellers, that critics love the show and that overall against all other scirpted saturday shows its a massive hit.

The Inbetweeners (E4) : 1.53 (million)

Not much to say about the inbetweeners but that it seems to have hit high with young adults, something I’m sure E4 is very happy about. The show seems to have gained around 800,000 veiwers from its previous season which is a massive feat. The show looks like its E4 biggest programme by far. Its just a hit for the channel and I’m sure thanks to clips on youtube and repeats the show could bring in 2million in 2010 for its season three premiere.


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