Did Wisdom of the crowds show something???

If anyone has been watching Derren Brown lately, you’ll have learnt that he predicted the lottery numbers through ‘wisdom of the crowds’ (an idea that if everyone guesses its more accurate than one persons guess). Well actually the results were very accurate to which show would do well this fall in the US (well done!). The shows that received the highest votes:

– The Cleveland Show


– The Good Wife

– Modern Family

– Cougar Town

– Glee

– Flashforward

– The Vampire Diairies

all these shows have been hits for there channels (bar the good wife which is okay), moreover shows which recieved little or no votes have also done badly in the US and are cancelled or are about to be:

– Eastwick

– The Beautiful Life (cancelled)

– Mercy

– Community (though may survive)

– Brothers

– The Middle

– Hank

– Melrose Place

– Three Rivers

– Trauma (cancelled)

– The Forgotten

– The Jay Leno Show




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What Shows Are You Missing?

What dead shows are you missing?

Personally the US 2008-2009 killed off a lot of good shows, so lets remember them:


Pushing Daisies was for sure one of the best TV shows ever made, its visually beautiful sets,  magnificant writing and brilliant originality made it stand out not from just the 2007-08, or 2008-09 seasons but from everything TV has ever had to other. This is a show that should be held up with the best shows like ‘The Wire’, ‘The Sorpranos’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘South Park’. It is definetly one of the saddest deaths (at least for me and any other PD fans) of TV EVER!


Dirty Sexy Money was definetly a big favourite of mine, just because of its fun and great writing (and acting). The show didn’t take itself too seriously or too comically it was a great series and will be sorely missed. 😦

So what other shows are there from the 2008-09 graveyard that you’ll miss?

E.R. (the most memoriable medical drama that maintained quality for 15 years), or another classic Boston Legal? Possibly King Of The Hill which only really died because of producer fatigue. Or new shows that no other american veiwer seemed to get:

Sit Down, Shut Up! or even The Unusuals, possibly a highly critically praised mini-series that never got to shine like Kings or Harper’s Island. Or summer shows that never truely got to show they greatness, The Good Family, The Philanphropist . There are so many more out there, so state your pick, give a shout out to a show you feel needs to be remembered!

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Syfy Greenlights US ‘Being Human’


The Syfy Channel (or Sci-Fi as it was called) has given a 13 – episode order to a US version of Being Human, which originally aired on BBC Three in the UK (and its coming back in January or February). So, although I can’t wait I am skeptic, I do think that some great shows like Survivors, Being Human, Dead Set or even Skins are really british shows and although I like American’s liking them, they do work better (generally because british writers and directors who have less to work with often produce more creatively and visually) as british shows.

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Update: Whats Been Going On

Well first of all sorry for having stopped writing for a while, but now I’m back to give just a few highlights on this seasons TV season it seems. If anyone has been following tvbythenumbers.com, they will now a hell of a lot about the new TV season in the US (and what cancelled shows will be on on Sci-Fi UK), but what new shows have been hits in the UK from abroad?

Well to begin if FIVE were happy before with The Mentalist (which fell towards the end of its run) then they should be exstactic about Flashforward’s ratings (which have been three times the networks average).Here are its ratings so far (P.S. * means that this ratings is overnight and may be adjusted to be more accurate later):

Episode 1:   4.10 million veiwers

Episode 2:   4.25 million veiwers

Episode 3:   4.13 million veiwers (All three of these airings have been num.1 on FIVE each week for most veiwers!).

– Note: The next episodes of Flashforward are overnight (so will most likely go up and were up against more competition)

Episode 4:   2.67 million veiwers

Episode 5:   2.66 million veiwers

So far Flashforward (if the ratings return to were they were before) could have a fighting chance at becoming 2009’s and even 2010’s highest US drama, beating out all other  previous winners ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ and ‘Heroes’.

Stargate Universe seems to be a small hit for Sky1, with its October 13 airing drawing in 1 million veiwers, a feat only seen by LOST airings for Sky1. Also doing well on Sky1 are House and Bones which seem to be drawing lately veiwing figures of around 900,000 and Lie To Me with 750,000. Also Fringe fans will be happy to know that unlike in the US were veiwers are down a lot, in the UK veiwers are up 10% up versus last season’s average (with S2 premiere striking the 2nd highest airing Fringe has ever had) to 660,000 veiwers.

Sadly I’m not sure the same can be said for In Treatment, who on the week of Oct 12 – 18 only averaged 70,000 veiwers. However it was the top thing on SkyArts so I’m sure Sky can smile about something (especially considering that Grease the High School Musical went unnoticed by the veiwers).

Elsewhere Ugly Betty season 3 veiwers as it moves to E4, bringing with it a terrible 790,000 veiwers (at least for its Oct.13 airing), down 74% of its Season 1 average, down 62% of its season 2 average and down 67% from its season 3 premiere ratings – ouch! Not many veiwers seemed to want to follow Betty to E4, though to be fair it was a poorly advertised moved.

On Channel 4, True Blood premiered to 1.91 million veiwers, not a great feat (although Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives also had additional airings to help them). However the show did keep 96% of its audience with 1.84 million veiwers tuning in for the next episode (other ratings I’ll fill in later).

For any other ratings just ask in the comments or email :).




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Which Fall 2009 Shows Do You Think Will Succeed

With the start of the new US TV season (2009-2010)  so close I decided to put up a poll on which shows you think will succeed this fall. Pick as many as you want, have fun!

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Megan Mullally joins ‘Party Down’


Although this isn’t that important, I’ll say it as I love Party Down and Megan Mullally.

Via: www.thr.com

Emmy winner Megan Mullally has joined Starz’s original comedy series “Party Down.”

On the show about a Los Angeles catering team, she will play Lydia Dunfree, a middle-aged refugee from a lousy marriage who leaves small town life to move to Hollywood where her 13-year-old daughter Escapade hopes to make it as an actress.

“Party Down” has been looking to fill the void left by the departure of Jane Lynch who co-stars on Fox’s “Glee.”

Production on the second season of “Party Down” begins in mid-September in Los Angeles. The premiere is tentatively scheduled for April 2010.

Mullaly most recently starred in ABC’s “In the Motherhood.”

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NBC has handed a pilot commitment to a US take on ITV’s Prime Suspect.

According to reports, ITV has sold the format to the US network, which will develop the project with Without A Trace creator Hank Steinberg.

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